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Vaddio Camera Selection Question Tree (PDF) 3.10mb
This 11 x 17 PDF will help you select the right camera for 90% of your projects.  When you just need to know what direction to go - follow these simple questions.
Camera Mount Finder Index (HTM) 29k
Type in the model of camera you are looking to mount and applicable part numbers will show.  Click on the part number to be directed to the product details.  Additional considerations may need to be made for things like camera signals or camera hole mounting location. If you have any questions please contact Vaddio Support for assistance.  This file is updated regularly (last update December 2018).
Camera Cabling Distances (PDF) 84k
A chart of maximum distances for Cat.5 cabling runs for each camera and their Quick-Connect systems.
OEM PTZ Camera Image Size Calculator (xlsx) 76k
The maximum and minimum measurements of the camera's image from the distance of the camera to the subject.
AutoTRAK Calculator - DISCONTINUED PRODUCT (application/ 19k
This tool will help you determine the hypotenuse angles of your presentation area to measure the farthest corners of the room to make sure the camera will reach the entire area needed.
Camera Selector Tool (PDF) 995k
Helpful tips on how to determine the best PTZ camera for your room environment.
Vaddio Camera Image Size Calculator (xlsx) 40k
The maximum and minimum measurements of the camera’s image from the distance of the camera to the subject. (Vaddio cameras only)

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